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At MHG Dance Club we ask for your contact e-mail addresses and a telephone number (to use in event e-mail or power is down or if there is 'last minute' information to impart).

We use your e-mail addresses in order to keep you informed of our activities and we shall always send documents to multiple recipients as 'blind copies' so you cannot see each others e-mail addresses.


You may request us to remove your data from our records by e-mail at any time.


If you would like to be added to our circulation list please e-mail us using the following format:


I/We, (NAMES),  would like our e-mail address (as this mail) and the following telephone number added to the MHG Dance Club circulation list in order that we might receive information regarding the Club's activities. I/We understand that we may ask by e-mail for these details to be removed at a later date. 


You will not recive circular e-mails from us unless you have requested we do so in the above format.


At any of our classes and events we may take photographs and video clips for the purposes of publicity of MHG Dance Club. When attending a class or event where we take photographs or video we shall ask if anyone objects beforehand. Meanwhile all such data to date is now removed from the website, to be replaced in future.

In order to reach us

Tel: +44 1892/655175 +44 1892/655175

            07984 668686 Mike

            07535 827770 Heather E-mail:

New Sequence Classes:

Sequence class at 7pm Newick, Mondsays.

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